Sam Belton’s love for coffee began in early 2000 as he traveled on various mission trips throughout the continent of Africa. As he learned that coffee’s birthplace was Ethiopia, it motivated him to begin researching the specialty coffee industry and soon after he attended Portland’s American Barista Coffee School. There he received training as a barista and instructions on how to launch a coffee cafe.

In 2006, Belton started micro coffee roasting, and received certification as an international barista. He continues to train in the art of artisan coffee roasting, attending workshops and seminars, keeping current on the trends in the specialty coffee industry.

The Origin of Coffee

Abyssinnia Kingdom was the original name of Ethiopia. Stemming from ancient lore, Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. As the legend has it, a goat herder in the mountains of Ethiopia first discovered the magical berries, when he noticed his goat eating them from a bush and becoming extremely energetic and not sleeping for days.

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We roast coffees from all around the world, including:

Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe, Sidoma, Limu, Harrar, Jimah)

Kenya AA








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